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Our vision sets out why and how we value our staff, and this is worth reading.

Our offer to you is based around excellent professional development, looking after your career within the Trust, recognising your potential, providing you with full resources and acknowledging how your strengths can contribute to the life of our schools.

This will include;

  • help with finding suitable accommodation

  • coffee, tea and water through the day

  • a range of facilities and sporting opportunities to improve your wellbeing

  • regular social events

  • looking after your personal well-being.

Professional Development

We have a highly successful Teaching School, as well as an outstanding Teacher Training provider. Alongside the Trust, we offer a Chiltern ‘Tree’ that sets out your career development from starting with us to Headship and beyond. This is very different to a ‘normal’ school setting, and provides you with accredited and in-house opportunities to enhance your career and develop your interests.

This also includes excellent induction for both new staff and NQTs; we are an accredited NQT training centre. A visiting National Leader as the best they had ever seen recently described our induction processes. We can start some of your induction in the summer term before the school holidays.

A Trust…

Is able to offer such wider opportunities for staff. We can provide opportunities in different schools in different settings, and you will belong to a wider family as well as your own school. We will also be opening a new secondary school in September 2018. This will create wonderful opportunities for our new staff to develop and help build a new school ethos in a new school building – these are exciting times for the Chiltern Learning Trust. In addition, the Trust is outstanding, and popular, and this will lead to growth, and enable new staff to have even more opportunities.

Associated benefits

Teaching is a brilliant career, but it is hard work. We acknowledge this, and wish to support and inspire our new staff. As stated above, we have a number of activities to support you, including an on-site gymnasium and swimming pool, dance studio and social and sporting events. We will provide access to counselling if required and acknowledge that good employers will need to support families or younger staff.

Your teaching and your interests

We want all of our teachers to be outstanding, and your induction and professional development are key to this – that is why we invest in our staff. In addition, we want our staff to bring their talents and interests to our schools and our Trust; either through the curriculum or via our extensive enrichment programmes. If you have interests in drama, sport, music, engineering, computers, skiing etc., then we want you to bring these areas to life in our schools.