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Vision and Values


Our vision is to educate, empower and inspire generations of children through a network of outstanding schools that are recognised at a local, regional and national level as being the absolute benchmark in teaching and learning.

High achievement for all is our shared responsibility. Our schools will be recognised as the most forward-thinking and innovative organisations within the communities that they serve, and all children will leave our care as well rounded individuals who have achieved high levels of academic success and are well prepared for life in modern Britain.


The Chiltern Learning Trust is characterised by its passionate and unrelenting drive to ensure that every one of its students makes extraordinary progress, achieves exceptional standards and realises his or her huge potential within schools where best practice is commonplace.

The Trust is committed to developing the whole person so that young people know what they care about in life and what drives them; know their strengths and aspirations; know how to remain optimistic and bounce back from setbacks; know how to deal with their emotions; know what makes them happy and how to stay that way; know the importance of humour; know how to look after themselves and live healthy fulflling lives and know how to support others and how they can contribute to making society a better place.

The Trust will do this by offering them a first class education within each individual academy, and by offering outstanding enrichment opportunities which will offer them unique experiences and see them stand apart from others.


We want our staff to display the following;

  • We will collaborate and share best practice across all areas of our schools and our Trust.
  • We will always aim to inspire our staff, our colleagues and our students. We will display empathy and a can-do attitude. We will see it and sort it.
  • We will have the highest expectations of our students and staff, we will value teaching and learning and will have a fexible, positive approach.


We passionately believe that all children and young people, however challenging their circumstances and whatever their background, can achieve. Our students will practise the values of integrity, compassion, understanding and tolerance. We will encourage our students to be self-disciplined, resilient and creative. They will be confident, able to express themselves eloquently and importantly, have the ability to think. They will be given the power, responsibility and chance to control their lives and their learning by acquiring the knowledge, skills, qualities and attributes necessary to succeed in life in the 21st century. We see these attributes as being vitality, competence, professionalism, resilience, articulacy and artistry.


We are passionate about our staff, as we are about our students. We want to employ and create outstanding teachers, leaders and non-teaching staff, who genuinely aspire to excellence, are truly excited by challenge, love to take risks, and have a passion to co-develop and co-construct next practice with their students and fellow practitioners. We believe that every staff member has the right to be outstanding, and we need to invest in our workforce and to give them more responsibility for their professional development and more time and flexibility for them to effect this. The CLT Board makes the following commitment to our staff.


  • We will ensure you are allocated an expert line manager, who will advise on, guide you in your role, and shape your professional development around skills knowledge and behaviours.
  • We will invest annually in the professional development of all staff and advertise opportunities via the Teaching School weekly newsletter.
  • We will offer you greater responsibility for your professional development by allowing you to determine how best to use your CPD investment and routes towards relevant qualifications.
  • We will encourage and provide opportunities for you to engage in collaborative working Action Research and Joint Practice Development across the Trust.
  • We will ensure you have great resources, and that expertise and best practice is freely shared across the trust. Our Teaching School will support you to ensure workload is manageable.
  • We will maximise potential, offering opportunities for career progression across the Trust.


  • We will facilitate and encourage access to trust wide sports facilities, classes and events to support healthy lifestyles
  • We will work with schools to ensure that staff mental health and well-being are part of wider staff development initiatives
  • We will offer free tea, coffee and cool water throughout the day
  • We will help newly/recently qualified teachers find suitable, affordable accommodation
  • We will consider flexible working for parents and carers


Our schools have an important role to play in the communities that they serve and it is very important to us that the local community feel supported and valued by the Trust, regardless of whether they have any direct involvement with the school. As an organisation, we will act responsibly and in their best interests, ensuring that we actively engage with all sections of the community.

Our staff and the young people in our care will help us to make a positive contribution to these communities through collaboration with other local organisations and businesses, and we expect our staff to seek out and value these partnerships, providing opportunities that extend our student experiences and learning.