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Rewards and Benefit

We recognise the expertise our staff delivers to this amazing Trust

We support and champion our teaching and non-teaching staff, in order to become a leading Trust.

CLT Wellbeing Programme

Our wellbeing programme gives you cover for routine health care including NHS health check-ups, mini health MOTs, smoking cessation, adult weight management, exercise referral, and long-term condition rehab.

It also includes a range of benefits designed to help support your overall development and wellbeing, such as staff workshops based on healthy eating, stress management and low mood and sleep, and assemblies available on a huge range of topics like healthy eating, physical activity, and portion control.

CLT Refer a Friend Scheme

We offer a £100 gift card from our successful Refer a Friend Scheme. This entails that if you successfully refer a friend and they are hired by the Trust you will be awarded a £100 gift card that allows you to shop in over 150 stores in-store and online. All employees are entitled to this benefit.

Continuous Professional Development (through the Chiltern Teaching School Alliance)

We have a highly successful Teaching School, as well as an Outstanding Teacher Training provision. Amongst the excellent opportunities within the Trust is our 'Chiltern Tree' that sets out your career development from starting with us to Senior Leadership and beyond. This is very different to a 'normal' school setting and provides you with accredited and in-house opportunities to enhance your career and develop your interests.

This also includes excellent induction for both new staff and NQTs; we are an accredited NQT training centre. A visiting National Leader as ‘the best they have ever seen’ recently described our induction processes.

Our continuous professional development programme means we have a high rate of promotion across all schools, providing pathway plans for all our employees giving opportunities for career growth and on-going learning and development.


Internal Promotion

We provide plenty of opportunities for internal promotion in the Trust. 54% of our senior leadership team in all 10 schools of the Trust is made up of internal promotion. Have a look at our success stories below.

Success Stories

A huge advantage for staff working in a Trust is the opportunity for promotion and development. The professional development opportunities, especially via our Teaching School, are second to none and are something that we pride ourselves on. We are proud that several staff, at all levels, have been supported within the Trust, achieving success and promotion.